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VBar Control , Mini VBar Blueline 6.0 PRO , RX satellit  

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Band 2,4 GHz
Flight Mode Mode 1-4 (Mode 2 default)
Model Type Helicopter /Airplane (Fall 2014)
Telemetry Telemetry with optional sensors available
Frame Rate 10 ms
Range Full
Modulation 80 Chanel FHSS
Proportional inpits 12
Flight Modes 4 Positions
Memory Flashmemory
Transmitter Battery Lipo 1S 4000mAh

Intl and Domestic AC adapter /USB charging 



VBar Transmitter VBar Control
VBar Receiver VBar Satellit with connecting wire
VBar -
Charger external fast charger with Intl and Domestic AC adapter
Accessories USB cable, Neck strap, Vbar Control key chain
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